Welcome to Stelo!

We're here to help you create safer and more human-centric web3 products.

Stelo's primary goal is to help your users understand exactly what they're signing - in plain English - when they're about to initiate a transaction or signature from your product. Since blockchain interactions (ie. transactions and signatures) can pose a threat to users' valuable assets, Stelo aims to provide them peace of mind and confidence when using your product. By making your product more user-friendly, we also make it safer.

How it works

The Stelo engine performs 3 functions:

  1. Simulation & Interpretation - It simulates transactions and interprets signatures to understand the state changes being made by the interaction (assets entering/leaving, approvals being set/revoked, etc.)
  2. Enrichment - It enriches any relevant entities (assets, contracts and addresses) with contextual information: labels, prices, links, images, ENS names, owned NFTs, etc.
  3. Risk analysis - It evaluates the risk of any interaction and alerts you if any malicious patterns or addresses are detected. Even if the interaction isn't obviously malicious, it includes risk factors that a user should be aware of - like when interacting with a newly deployed contract.

The information in the following sections will help you get started with the Stelo API and allow you to try out the API in a playground.

What's possible with Stelo

Below are examples of the Stelo Extension in action. These user experiences are built entirely using the Stelo APIs.