Signature Request

The Signature API endpoint (try it out here) receives a raw Signature Request object containing the following fields:

methodSignMethod enum(Required) The RPC method being invoked
paramsarray of strings(Required) An array of strings, each representing an input to the RPC method. Depending on which method is being called, different params are expected. See here for more details.
urlstring(Optional) URL of the website or dapp that originated the transaction. Used for risk assessment.

Signature Response

The Signature API endpoint returns an object containing the following fields.

Base Response Fields: these fields are present on both Transaction and Signature API responses.

summarystringRequired. A one-sentence summary of this transaction.
riskRiskResultRequired. Results of risk evaluation
assetChangesAssetChange[]Required. List of assets leaving or entering the signer's wallet
errorsstring[]Optional. List of error messages. Present if any errors were encountered.

Signature-specific response fields: these fields are present only on Signature API responses.

rpcMethodRPCMethodRequired. RPC Method type string enum. There will rarely be new RPC method types added.
signatureTypeSignatureTypeRequired. Signature type string enum. More signature types will be added as Stelo adds support for more protocols.
signerstringRequired. Address of signer.
messagestringOptional. Plaintext message being signed. Always present for eth_sign and personal_sign requests.
jsonJSONOptional. Parsed JSON object being signed. Always present when rpcMethod is EIP712_TYPED_DATA
seaportSeaportOptional. Details of Seaport message being signed. Always present when signatureType is SEAPORT
transactionParsedTransactionOptional. Details of embedded transaction (eg. for a Gnosis safe transaction). Always present when signatureType is TRANSACTION