Transaction Request

The Transaction API endpoint (try it out here) receives a raw Transaction object containing the following fields:

fromstring(Required) The address of the transaction sender
tostring(Optional) The address of the transaction recipient. This can be empty only for contract creation transactions.
datastring(Optional) Transaction calldata in hex.
valuestring(Optional) Transaction value in wei (hex). Leaving this empty is the same as setting to zero (0x0).
gasLimitstring(Optional) Maximum gas to be used by the transaction (hex). Computed automatically if left empty.
gasstring(Optional) Same as gasLimit, used interchangeably.
gasPricestring(Optional) Gas price in wei (hex). Computed automatically if left empty.
urlstring(Optional) URL of the website or dapp that originated the transaction. Used for risk assessment.

Transaction Response

The Transaction API endpoint returns an object containing the following fields.

Base response Fields: these fields are present on both Transaction and Signature API responses.

summarystringRequired. A one-sentence summary of this transaction.
riskRiskResultRequired. Results of risk evaluation
assetChangesAssetChange[]Required. List of assets leaving or entering the signer's wallet
errorsstring[]Optional. List of error messages. Present if any errors were encountered.

Transaction-specific response fields: these fields are present only on Transaction API responses.

transactionTypeTransactionTypeRequired. Transaction type string enum
functionTypeFunctionTypeOptional. Function type string enum, present if transaction is a contract interaction.
contractContractOptional. Details of contract, present if transaction is contract interaction.
functionFunctionOptional. Function arguments, present if transaction is contract interaction.